EASY-TO-HANDLE VICTOR Rackets Come in New Colors

by Louis, VICTOR Racket Product R&D


VICTOR has been working on affordable rackets with not only the innovation of materials and technologies, but also the improvement of handling, durability, and coating.JS-08 and TK-770HT, which are popular among consumers, re-debut with new colors this season, bringing more selection and better experiences for the medium price segment racket!



New color

JS-08 and TK-770HT capture the market by easy-to-handle experience, and are wide-acceptance among the consumers.


JS-08 keeps the signature figures of JETSPEED series. It’s provided with big head size to maintain the swing comfort, and available in 4U and 5U. TK-770HT, featuring high-tension resistance, has comparatively heavy head and stiff shaft, which lead to powerful and smoother shots. The 3U version can withstand up to 33 Lbs.


Regardless of handling or pricing, their configurations meet the demand of all-level players. This season, they return with brand new look.


JS-08 NEW  is mainly composed of fluorescent yellow, and the asymmetrical highlight of dark blue and bright silver are eye-catching. TK-770HT I takes rosy pink and black as the base and is embellished with light blue, the high-contrast combination is unique as well.


Overall handling (with VBS-66N, vertical 26lbs / horizontal 28lbs)

JS-08 allows brisk swing with stability. Together with bigger sweet zone and AERO-SWORD frame from JETSPEED series, you can enjoy the speedy shots with great comfort.



TK-770HT not only provides satisfying power, but also enables clear shots further with high tension strings and reinforced stiffness supported by new-generation Fiber Reinforced System and Catapult Structure.


Taking no matter Speed Type JS-08 with great comfort, or Power Type TK-770HT with high tension, they both come in with distinctive characteristics and can be obtained with acceptable price. Get one to your preference at once!