【by Renee, VICTOR Footwear Product R&D】


Bundling shoelaces is a seemingly simple but annoying thing. People usually tie and loose the shoes carefully at first, but turn out to fix them at a certain tightness for wearing convenience. However, it results in reducing protection of the feet and deformation of the shoes.


Thanks to the the dilemma, the “slip-ons” start to challenge the shoes industry, and no exception for badminton shoes.


Due to the fact that badminton is a sport combining speed, explosive force, and multi-directional movements, and most importantly, it highly requires stability, shoelaces are needed to help tightening the upper, and it’s quite difficult for badminton shoes to be made totally without them.


However, VICTOR came up with an idea to replace the shoelaces with “Quick Lace System”. The newly-launched P7810 can be adjusted through three steps (press/turn /pull) and provide complete wrapping to the feet. It becomes much more easier to put on your shoes and enjoy badminton!

 “Quick Lace System” is usually applied to cycling and outdoor shoes. When it comes to the adoption to badminton, more considerations are needed other than the convenience. The crucial issue is to make sure the device does help reinforcing the fit of the upper structure to the instep, and it can withstand high impact and intense movements.


During the developing process of P7810, numerous revisions and optimizations were repeated. The “Quick Lace System” integrates every component and gathers the upper evenly through the smooth pinwheel of nylon wire ropes without compressing the instep. The device is able to adapt different instep heights, quickly adjust the tightness of the vamp, and bring more comfort.


Too lazy to tie your shoes every time? P7810, VICTOR’s first badminton shoes with innovative shoelace-tightening device, is definitely your best choice!




P7810 Quick Lace System – steps for usage

To tighten: press the button and make clockwise rotation according to your preference of tightness.

To loosen: pull out the rotate button.



Reminder label as below is attached to every pair of P7810.