Korean National Team Sportswear Unveiled for 2015 Sudirman Cup


Check out the latest Sudirman Cup jerseys to be worn by the Korean National Team! The bright fuschia and the sleek black form into a passionate blend that is full of vivacity. The color lines decorate the front with a speedy visual effect, while the uniquely woven fabric design at the back promises breathability and utility.

COOLMAX, the sweat-wicking material that maintains dryness ensures best of performance.The special-designed fiber works to lift the moisture off skin surface, allowing each movement in  the garment with maximal comfort.

T-5500 QT-550 CT-5600 QT-5600 CT-5500 Q BackT-5500 C Back

   T-5500 Q       T-5500 C       T-5600 Q       T-5600 C  

   (MEN'S)       (MEN'S)       (WOMEN'S)    (WOMEN'S)     (BACK)       (BACK)

As a side line, the scoop neck sleeveless jerseys are also made with COOLMAX and the Rudolf Chemie antimicrobial technology.  Athlete movements become even more freed as the heat releases from the fabric. 

T-5501 QT-5501 C

  T-5501 Q      T-5501 C

This range of new lineup is set to unveil during 2015 Sudirman Cup with the Korean National Team. The vibrant colors will be the best complement to the passionate athletes. 


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