2015 International Player Tournament Series Apparel


The design of 2015 International Player Tournament Series continues the inspiration from bionics patterns of last season. This year, VICTOR implies roadster materials for increasing speedy and powerful figures. The mesh side boosts venting quality, combing with COOLMAX fabric, which offer player with ultimate comfort. RUDOLF CHEMIE, the biocide with broad range of action against bacteria. VICTOR STARS from Indonesia, Chinese Taipei, and India will debut this series in 2015 All EnglandOpen Badminton Championships.    

T-5002 CT-5002 DT-5002 FT-5002 O

      T-5002 C                 T-5002 D                 T-5002 M                  T-5002 O

      (Men's)                     (Men's)                   (Men's)                     (Men's)

T-5102 CT-5102 DT-5102 MT-5102 O

     T-5102 C                  T-5102 D               T-5102 M                  T-5102 O

     (Women's)               (Women's)              (Women's)                (Women's) 


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