2014 Korea National Team Tournament Series Apparel


VICTOR apparel designer adopt Bionics concept in the tournament series apparel of year 2014. This 2014 Korea National Team Tournament Series Apparel design are inspired by the Morpho Butterfly, its lithe and brilliant appearance, to give an expression of agility. Round neckline, bicolor sleeves, and speedy lines, every little detail brings out a great sense of the texture. This Tournament series comes with COOLMAX fabric, RUDOLF CHEMIE and ANTISTATIC technology as well; COOLMAX transports moisture away from the body, to keep body cool and dry. RUDOLF CHEMIE, the biocide with broad range of action against bacteria, mould and yeast fungi as well as dust mites-suitable for textiles worn next to the skin. ANTISTATIC, Prevent clothes in the dry climate produce static, prevent clothes sticky body, make clothes to wear soft and comfortable. Korea National Team player will dress in this series of fancy apparel on the court in 2014 World Championships and Asian Games.