TK-7000L makes an Impressive Appearance in Summer 2013!


VICTOR’s First Attacking Racket for Women, the TK-7000L

In the summer of 2013 VICTOR is bringing out its first attacking racket for women, the TK-7000L; specially designed for women, the racket allows powerful and effective attacking shots to be played with elegance, making it a weapon that will increase the chance of success on court. 
The TK-7000L fully inherits the fine genes of the THRUSTER K Series; it not only has the Nobel Prize winning material graphene, increasing frame rigidity, and the original CATAPULT STRUCTURE design that increases attacking power, the physical specifications of the racket have also been adjusted to suit the physiological characteristics of women; the racket also has an exclusive smaller G6 grip size, and also creates a strong strike feel, allowing female players to apply achieve maximum attacking effect with limited effort.
Its perfect physical property specifications also allow the TK-7000L to create cunning smash angles that ordinary rackets in the market can’t match, making return difficult for the opponent and increasing the chance of winning points. Specially designed for women, the TK-7000L has left behind any hard, masculine  feel and comes in an attractive pink color, allowing female players to play lethal attacking shots with elegance.
TK7000L_badminton racket

Soft but Strong Feel, Win By Delivery Fast Smashes

In terms of racket feel, the TK-7000L has a relatively strong setting, allowing it to be swung with less effort but still delivering powerful shots. The left and right sides of the frame also features the original CATAPULT STRUCTURE that increases shuttlecock strike energy by 9.75%, allowing women to play powerful attacking shots without having to exert a lot of effort. The graphene added at the 3 and 9 o’clock points on the racket makes the racket more stable and more effectively convert s swing power into strike energy, making power transmission more complete. The precise combination of these three design features free women from the disadvantage of lacking the strength of men.
TK7000L_badminton racket

Physical Settings Exclusively for Women, Creating Perfect Smash Angles

The TK-7000L is an attractive pink, a color many women like. As for the racket’s physical properties, the racket design has been exclusively adjusted to match the physiological characteristics of women, not only giving the racket a relatively head-heavy design that allows players to play powerful shots by “borrowing power”, the TK-7000L also allows players to create cunning smash angles that leave the opponent struggling, bringing easy victory.
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