S82II Reborn With Revolutionary Speed


As one of the best-selling footwear of VICTOR, S82 has enjoyed wide popularity among badminton players with its distinctive style and excellent wearing comfort. Keeping the delicacy and lightweight of the previous model, the second generation has undergone a further upgrade in the details that include the use of Jacquard EM. Coming in new color combinations, S82II is ready to sweep over the badminton market once again!
The upper of S82II is upgraded with the soft, durable, and breathable Jacquard EM. The innovative material not only achieves the same level of breathability, stability, and wear-resistance as the first generation, but also offers greater fit and support. The layering of sheer fabrics allows S82's signature M-shaped TPU support design to be seen in a clever and delicate way.

Upper Upgraded with Greater Softness and Durability

S82II provides the same stability and comfortable fit as the first generation with the multi-layered structure: The bottom layer is made with Jacquard EM and M-shaped TPU support design. Low stretchable and breathable mesh is used in the interlayer to help keep the multi-layered structure soft yet strong and durable, making S82II more breathable and comfortable than the previous model. Lastly, the top layer is largely built with TPU to provide extraordinary support and make the upper breathable, comfortable, soft, and durable.

Improved Support and Fit

The upper of S82 has excellent support and perfect fit that are well-received by badminton players. The second generation has taken these excellent features to a higher level. In addition to the signature M-shaped TPU structure, the eyelets on both sides of the shoe are integrated with durable and strong webbing to enable snug fit and provide protection and support to the key areas of the foot when laces are tightened.

S82II M Speed Footwear With Sock-Like Ankle Collars 

Coming along with S82II is S82II M designed with sock-like ankle collars. The elastic knitted collar is wrapped around the 3D circular high-density foam to fill in the gaps between the heel and the shoe to provide perfect fit to all shapes of feet. The design enables S82II M to protect and support the ankles from all directions even during the most intense footwork in badminton.

Olympic Champion's Shoes of Choice

Indonesia's legendary men's doubles badminton player Mohammad Ahsan and Olympic Gold Medalist Greysia Polii both make S82II their shoes of choice for the upcoming tournaments in 2022. Coming in color combinations, bright white/glossy silver, blue light or mazarine blue for S82II and bright white/anthracite for S82II M, the new footwear is going to help the world's top players dominate the courts with its softness, comfort, elasticity, and support. Badminton fans who love the first generation can definitely not miss S82II and the groundbreaking speed that comes along with it.