VICTOR A960 in Striking New Colors


In light of A960’s incredibly positive rating among professional and general badminton players since its debut, VICTOR is launching the professional badminton footwear in new colors in June!

In addition to the original streamlined design, the latest A960 comes in an eye-catching rose complimented by a stygian tone of black. The dramatic contrast in colors presents a chic and trendsetting sports fashion. 

Aside from being known for the fabulous look, A960’s excellent stability and comfortability are widely endorsed as well by professional badminton players! Here are the major features of A960 to quickly refresh your memories.


A960’s X-FIT structure is made of high quality elastic material that features enhanced breathability and better comfort for instep covering.


Moreover, in order to cater to the multidirectional footworks required in badminton dynamics, A960 is equipped with multidirectional grooves at the sole, enabling better agility. The midsole is 20% lighter in weight as a result of the feather resilient EVA material used. The wearer will definitely notice the extraordinary performance in shock absorbency, rebound ability and stability!

Check out the latest A960 in striking new colors at VICTOR.