CROWN COLLECTION – Inspired by the genuine girl Tai Tzu Ying


With the title of World No.1, All England Open champion and Asian Championships winner for two consecutive years, Tai Tzu Ying is creating her own history. However, the queen who dominates the court is a genuine girl behind the match, which makes Tai Tzu Ying so special.


CROWN COLLECTION Tournament Sleeveless - SV-3805 BO (launching on 15th June)


Inspired by the champion, VICTOR created CROWN COLLECTION for the Queen. We chose contrast color to demonstrate the unique personality of Tai Tzu Ying.


 “Ranking and titles are not everything. Trust yourself and follow your own path, you can cast your own crown,” said Tai Tzu Ying, the forthright girl.


 “I’m totally in love with the design, especially the windbreaker jacket. The collection is impressive and fashionable. More importantly, the apparel is not just for tournament wore. I can wear it in training or even casually,” said excited Tai Tzu Ying.


CROWN COLLECTION Windbreaker Jacket - J-3873 BO (launching in October)


This is the first player apparel collection launched by VICTOR. The CROWN COLLECTION includes the Tournament Sleeveless, Shorts, and Game T-shirt which will make a debut on 15th June. Jacket, Pants, Hoodie, and female only Windbreaker Jacket will be launched in October.


The Queen will firstly wear CROWN COLLECTION at Malaysia Open in June. Except for the design of navy with carol, the additional black style matches the achievements of World No.1 perfectly. Besides, the champion appointed badminton shoes SH-P9200 will be renewed with the new color and available from July.


CROWN COLLECTION Shorts - R-3863 BO (launching on 15th June)
CROWN COLLECTION Badminton Shoes SH- P9200 BA (launching in July)


CROWN COLLECTION Hoodie - T-3819 BO (launching in October)
CROWN COLLECTION Pants - P-3892 BO (launching in October)