We don’t play the game.

We live it,

We own it. Ever since 1968.


For 50 years, our athletes and products have

Outworked and outdone the competition.

It’s in our DNA to continually redefine limits,

To fight the odds. To set the bars.

To make difference. To be the difference.


The best way to predict the future

Is to create it.


Leave your own legacy.



2018, VICTOR celebrates the 50th anniversary of the brand history. Over the past half-decade, VICTOR has extended to over 60 countries and regions across 5 continents, through the power of sport, the advancement of VICTOR’s technologies, and the company’s passion to make everyday athletes stronger and faster.


Rise with faith and beyond what you’ve achieved. The “RISE UP, GO BEYOND” initiative will live at with imagery of Team VICTOR athletes, World No.1 Tai Tzu Ying, Korean ace Son Wan Ho, Olympic silver medalist Goh V Shem and more.


World No.1 - Tai Tzu Ying


Korean No.1 Men's Singles - Son Wan Ho


Olympics Silver Medalist - Goh V Shem


All England Open Champion - Lee So Hee / Chang Ye Na


Olympics Silver Medalist - Chan Peng Soon


French Open Champion - Lee Jhe Huei / Lee Yang


Korean No.1 Women's Singles - Sung Ji Hyun


Olympics Silver Medalist - Goh Liu Ying


Runner-up of Chinese Taipei Open - Wang Tzu Wei