A sneak peek of the latest VICTOR SUPREME bags to be launched in 2018 Spring & Summer Collection



VICTOR SUPREME bags have always been the go-to gear for VICTOR’s top players’ winning rackets.

VICTOR is introducing BR9008, a new backpack for rackets in 2018 Spring & Summer Collection. To offer diverse choices to our distinguished customers, hot items of the past including the Rectangular Racket Bags BR9608, 16-Piece Racket Bags BR9308 and the easily portable 12-Piece Racket Bags BR9208 will also be available.

Featuring glazed leather with stunningly complimenting silver lines, the genius printing design gives the bags an extra layer of chic. The stylish bags also come with thoughtful deigns like the multi-functional compartment, functional front pouch, professional heat insulation, etc. 


The Korean National Team and Malaysian National Team are equipped with VICTOR SUPREME bags in Cloisonné Blue and Reddish Orange respectively while contracted international players carry it in Vivid Blue. 


The astonishing racket bags will be making their debut in Superseries Finals 2017, and the entire collection will be available for worldwide purchase in January 2018. Stay tuned, badminton enthusiasts!


( Edit by VICTOR Badminton )