The VICTOR Tour: Korea & Malaysia Talk 2016 Dreams


It’s just months away from the biggest sporting event to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Members of VICTOR’s two star teams, both the world’s top 5 nations-- Malaysia and Korea, sat down with us to talk their 2016 goals and dreams, doubts and faiths, and how they had been striving to believe and achieve, all in our new interview video series “The VICTOR Tour”.
Will they be #TheRealDeal this summer?

“The VICTOR Tour: Expedition” --- With Team Malaysia 

“For every athlete, to be able to compete at the Olympics would be a dream come true!”- Chong Wei Feng, Malaysian National Badminton Team pro
The 2016 Olympic Games is just months away, when world’s best competitors are fighting to punch their ticket to perform on the sports highest stage, and the Malaysian National Team is not an exception. Coming to the birthplace of VICTOR, Taipei, in 2015 for the making of its new brand videos, the Malaysian players express their thirst to be able to compete in the Olympics. Asian Champ Goh Liu Ying was struggling with a knee injury but embraced the pain and risked a surgery in hopes of competing at the Olympics.
Individual goals, national pride, and Olympic dreams have led them to this glory path.

“The VICTOR Tour: Faith” --- With Team Korea 

“A ‘perfect ending’ in Rio is what I want and what I’m working hard for.” - Sung Ji Hyun, Korea’s no.1 women’s singles player
Korean National Team is well known for their disciplines, as well as their outstanding results. The image they have presented posts as a serious threat to all other countries. Being able to compete for their country and achieving results as a team is their unifying goal. In the 2012 London Olympics, the Korean National Team was only awarded a men’s doubles Bronze medal and they are much looking forward to bouncing back to make their nation proud in 2016.

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