Go! Korean National Team! Introducing the Glorious Collection for 2016


What better way to express ultimate speed and energy than light?

For the Korean National Team Jersey, light is the central theme that dominates the 2016 collection.  VICTOR design team created design based on inspiration of speed and light, interweaving into funky geometric forms that creates a visual illusion of fast movement.

To enhance comfort in the competition scoop neck jersey tops, VICTOR revamped the fabric selection and adopted the advanced spandex jacquard to ensure superb material flexibility.  The intricately designed reflective details in the back echoes with the theme. 

<MEN'S   T-6000>

T-6000 BQT-6000 FET-6000 FE Back


<WOMEN'S T-6100>

T-6100 BQT-6100 FET-6100 Back


The National Team track suit is especially made with the REPLEX, an advanced fabric engineered with optimized density to offer ideal space needed for the elastic movement of the fibers, allowing the garment to maintain its shape even after stretching. A special finishing technique is applied to keep the pieces water-resistant yet maintain excellent breathability. 

<J-6060/ P-6080>

J-6060 BQJ-6060 BQ Back

P-6080 BQP-6080 BQ Left Side

The exciting new collection is set to reveal during 2016 All England Open Badminton Championships by the Korean National Team. 


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